Green card after deportation?

I am an American citizen and my fiancee is Mexican. 7 or 8 (he doesn't remember the exact date) years ago, he was deported for drinking and driving. He got a ten year ban, which is almost over.

We are getting married next year and want to apply for him to get a green card. The only problem is after he got deported he came back to the US. Then, he met me, and together we left voluntarily to go to Mexico. We did this so we could get married in Mexico and, hopefully, go through the legal process of him getting a green card.

I just am wondering if we reveal this in the interview, will he get another ten year ban? Is there anyway around this? Any advice on the interview? I would never want to lie, as we are under oath and could be jeopardizing our future, but I just want to make sure we do the right thing for us.


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<<will he get another ten year ban?>>
Maybe, depending on how long his second stay was. Plus, reentering illegally after deportation is a felony. In other words, he has two felonies now on his record.

<< Is there anyway around this?>

Ask for a waiver because you are a citizen. Make sure you get a good attorney to do the paperwork.

<<Any advice on the interview?>>

BTW, lying under oath is a crime, and therefore not an option for either one of you. Follow the advice of your attorney, but as a general rule, tell the truth.