Good way to package all types of forms together?


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I'm the petitioner for my mom as applicant to AOS. We will have all of these forms mailed together in one package: my I-130 and I-864, her I-325a, I-485, and I-693, as well as copies of supporting documents for those forms. It's a big package when USCIS receives it. I was wondering if some of you can kindly give me some ideas of how to make the package well organized to make it less possible for USCIS to make unnecessary mistakes. With so many forms together, making a small mistake is not too difficult. We all know that asking USCIS to fix a problem usually takes long time.

Thanks a lot


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I'll tell you what my husband and I did.

We made a lovely title page that named me and my husband as the petitioner and listed all the forms and supporting documents we were including.

Then, we tabbed each section and had a title page for each portion and title pages and information on any envelopes with cheques.

Hope this helps!