Going on Vacation


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I had a minor incident with my wife (domestic), arrested and case was dismissed by the judge.I have no conviction whatsoever. However, I am now applying for expungement of my arrest record which should be completed in a couple of months.I am a Green Card holder who is up for Naturalization. I want to leave for vacation outside of the USA, but am afraid if I leave now, I will be denied re-entry because of this arrest record. Does an expungement make any difference for the Immigration Officer at the airport because I believe he can still see it. Will I be denied reentry? Do I have to take the court order of dismissal and expungement order with me to be on the safe side? Thanks for your help! Remember, I have not been convicted of anything.


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If your GC holder status was not terminated because of your arrest, I do not think a trip outside the U.S. would cause any trouble like that. You said the case was dismissed, you were not even convicted so you should take your court records with you as evidence. Don't you think contacting CBP would help? They can tell you what their policy is regarding these cases.