Going on vacation and Port of entry question for L2 Visa holder with EAD

Hi There.

I am looking for some help answer on my below ask.

I am having L2 Visa with valid EAD expiring in Aug 2017. Also, I will go for renewal in Apr '17 end with 120 day period expiration time. I am planning to go to India in Aug 2017 along with my wife and daughter and return approximately after a month. My Wife visa expires in Feb 2018, and also that will go for renewal from her employer.

My ask here is, will I face any issues at the time of port of entry ? as while I was entering, I gave an explanation that I am going to be there for about 6 months to support my family. What type of typical questions can come from the officer in charge and how I can answer and what are the possibilities that we might not allowed to enter ? Should I use other countries like Abu Dhabi or Doha for port of entry which are may be an easy for port of entry and have different treatment ??

Thank you so very much.