Going illegal for the kids - advise needed

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I am looking for opinion because I feel like I am taking this overboard. Here is my situation:
A couple of years ago, I made some mistakes and the wife left our country with the kids to the US. In the last two years, I have been going there every other months to visit and spend a couple days with the kids (I am from a visa exempt country). I have also been applying for jobs in US, data science related jobs, hoping that I might be able to get one of those and live close to them. But it hasn't happened yet and I am growing impatient.

Every single days that I speak to the kids, they tell me to come and stay "forever" with them. They cry and scream everytime that I leave them to come to my work. I run out of explanation as to why I can't at this moment.

I have been thinking of quitting my jobs, selling my stuffs and go there for now and to figure it out there later. I know after 6 months I will become illegal, but is there a chance for me to extend such visa? I want to also see if I can go to school at 42, but is it possible to change visa once there? I will do some research on my side, but any advise would be appreciated


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When you say visa exempt do you mean VWP? If so the max stay is 90 days and you cannot change status to anything else during the validity of the stay.
Bear in mind that even a one day overstay means you will lose your visa exempt privilege. This would also mean getting a visa for either visit or work later would be extremely difficult. Moreover once you hit the 180-day overstay mark you start incurring bans on entry, first 3 years then 10 years.
The path you are contemplating is not only illegal but likely to see you unable to re-enter the US to see your kids at all.


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Going by some of your past posts, you’ve been looking for various ways of getting into and living in the US. It has now gotten to the stage of you looking at doing so by purposely violating our immigration laws according to the title of this particular thread, which by the way is a violation of TOS here. I’m locking up your thread, it shouldn’t be restarted in any other forum.
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