Going back to India


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planning to go back

I realize I am jumping into this discussion quite late but I am new to this particular forum. After hanging around in the 485 forum for a year and a half, I finally got my approval a few days ago.

I am from India and have been living in the US for the last 7 years. We made the decision to return to India around 10 months ago. The recent GC approval (which was never in doubt) does not affect that decision. The exact timeframe for going back is still not decided but it will be before my toddler son starts his first grade.

It seems to me that returning to one's home country versus staying on here is a very critical decision and a very personal one at that. It is unlikely to be and should not be made based on the opinions expressed in this or any other forum.

Most of the people who have expressed their opinions here appear to have made up their minds one way or the other. I doubt if these opinions are of any value to someone who is truly caught in a dilemma. The reason is that there is no single right answer to this question (i.e to stay or to return)and the people who are espousing one over the other are merely highlighting the merits of the decision that they made - possibly even to justify to themselves that they made the correct decision (and that decision was probably the right one for them).

Bottomline is that anyone who has grown up in India and then lived in the US for a considerable amount of time does not need to be told about the positives and negatives of life in both those places. You already know everything you need to make a decision and do not need to solicit opinions on this board (ever notice that for everyone who reports a positive experience, there is always someone who reports a negative one or vice versa? It's a zero sum game....)

But if we just want to have an academic discussion, I'm all for it!


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Agree with fsa448 : Its totally a personal decision

Its totally a personal decision and all depends on what kind of perception a person have towards his/her own life, family, friends, realtives.

And how comfortable a person feels in new environment.


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How many of you are worried about terrorist event in the USA
and take that into consideration when you decide to stay or not?

Now it is a good idea to buy a flak vest if you live
in DC area


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Terrorism, in and of itself, should not be a big factor for the reverse migration. At least I don't think so...

Many of the immigrants who came here are from countries (e.g my native country India) that have long been ravaged by terrorism. Long before America and parts of the developed world were jolted by the realization that terrorism exists in the world , people in other countries had accepted it as an unfortunate reality of life and learned to live with it.

As much as Sep 11 was tragic and inexcusable, it's impact was surely magnified by the fact that the casualties occurred in a single day and happened in a country that was hitherto insulated from such a phenomenon. If you look at the big picture, a lot more people die every year in other parts of the world.

If you are from a country that has experienced terrorism, I doubt whether the Sep 11 event instilled any lasting fear in you. Other emotions maybe, but fear was probably not the foremost one.

Note that the Sep 11 events also unleashed a backlash against innocent people with Middle Eastern/Arabic features (which pretty much includes anyone with brown skin). This might be an indirect reason to move but again I have my doubts. The backlash was mostly localized and small to begin with and any overt acts have all but stopped by now (although I think there will continue to be an unspoken fear and mistrust of non-white people for a long time).

This is not a tirade against racism/terrorism etc. Merely some objective observations.
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Does India have dual citizenship? Is there anything like that in works.

I have heard that if you pay some fee like 10K(Rs), then you will get a visa to India for 20 yrs.

But what happens, if the US economy tanks or if there is mass outsourcing of software work, will there be reverse migration?


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Wow, doesn't surprise you?

Seem that it is height of not being ashamed.

Don't take it personally, it seems that media has a great effect on people.

How can you say that the India doesn't punish people taking kickbacks. You got to be kidding yourself by making ignorant statements since you don't know how the country is run.

Also, every western democractic country persectues people who take kickbacks. It is height of your ignorance by saying that "every country". May be you shouldn't start generalizing so much.

If you have been to India, you will know what India is, not by sitting in South Cal county.

So people here would rather loose virginity by paying 3$ than give 3 dollars to a person who is not paid properly. Have you heard of tips. Isn't it some form of kickback.

As usual every country has it pros/cons and it seems that cons of this country are also treated as prop's by some ignorant and ashamed people.

IMHo, these are just my thoughts and don't intend to bash anybody.


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Facts being reported is not bad, atleast in India you will see them being reported too but the fact is that it doesn't surprise and make ashamed is what matters. So one would rather have their children roaming around with a bunch of people ( form of prostitution) just to have fun than pay a tip to somebody.

Sample link follows:

I can send you 100 links if you need more.

See, here most of stuff that are not legal in most countries is legalized(tipping, prostitution, gambling, drugs, exchanging partners etc etc etc).

So people here would do the above stuff than tip a service man. I think priorities are a little bit skewed.

Personally, I would rather tip somebody before hand than have my daughter/son loose virginity by paying 3$ to a prostitute.

Some of the statements that you made are blantant outright lies.
- Every country where the rule of law is enforced. - Well if you give a different word to bribe then it is ok. Here in US, I bribe my manager since he asks for bribe. Can you believe that? Yes, I do that and he asks for bribe(very small amounts) without any hesitation and I don't report it since he is my manager and the amount is not huge. I consider it to be a tip.

Why should I tip somebody even if I am statisfied, am I not paying the bill. The compensation of the person serving in restaurant is part salary part tips( it is like bribe, since the waiter will not serve you next time, if you don't pay the tip). Have u not seen people being tipped before hand so that they don't make them sit in front of a restroom. I have tipped people like that and atleast in my city(US) it is a common thing and the cities(US) that I visited.

Again for me tipping/bribing is ok but not letting my children hang around with prostitutes(which most of the people are). I would rather have the first problem than the second problem.


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> since a lot of people from 3rd-world countries, including India, accept jobs at lower paid salaries just to get into the US, would you consider that a form of prostitution as well? Would that make you a prostitute as well, selling your labor for a "piece of paradise", earning money that guarantees you a better life if you go back?

>>> Why 3rd world countries, even people from europe should be coming into that category. Why not? They are also immigrants and take lesser salaries. Last I checked, most of European countries also has lesser std of living than US and need a H1 to work in US.

Again u are comparing apples to oranges, since salaries are determined by your value and how much you can bargain. If people don't bargain, the company is going to get a better deal.

Western kids to Goa to get drugs
>> Why would they travel to Goa to get drugs, they should come to US/Europe where drugs are freely and openly sold.

Take my word, it is not like what u mentioned about Goa. Ask anybody who is from India on this board and most would disagree with you.

There parents teach their kids a lot of things that will not allow them to get into things like drugs. You will be suprised what else parents teach them? Infact, I was talking to my company representative on immigration and she was suprised that how people from India/China/Russia listen so much to their parents(atleast till getting married).

I know a place here that is 10 miles from my place where u can get whatever u want. Did you read about Nevada having a vote to legalize marijuana?

In my company, out of the 10 collegues, like 5 of them have smoked/consumed some form of drugs and according to them it is very very common in colleges. One of my collegue even told me how they plan for a mass student drugs smoking party.

>your problem. I feel sorry for you if you think that is necessary. If

>>> So, if I post a fact, u will say it is my problem. Come on, you can do better.

Again, Iam not saying most of the mgrs are like that, but u got to understand that here people have legalized most of the stuff. Infact my mgr says, u scratch my back, I will scratch u'rs. Can u believe that?

Well we haven't gone anywhere with the discussion.
How about you tell me what parents teach the kids in US, since u seem to be teaching u'r kids good values.

I am asking this question because I want to know more about the culture here and how children are taught and what is taught. What do u consider good and bad. What are the things that u teach them, of course without getting sued by children.


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>she was suprised that how people from India/China/Russia >listen so much to their parents(atleast till getting married).

That is why people in these countries do not know how to
do independent thinking on their own after they grow up.
What you perceive as weakness/strength are perceived
by others as strngth/weakness.


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>Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Legal or not, it >has always existed in every country and it will continue to exist >indefinitely.

Only in some parts of Nevada, prostitution is legalized in the
USA (and so far as immigrants are concerned, prostitution
is a deportable offense even).

tender given

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-- Again, Iam not saying most of the mgrs are like that, but u got to understand that here people have legalized most of the stuff. Infact my mgr says, u scratch my back, I will scratch u'rs. Can u believe that? --

Whew! I just can't believe that the above is happening (if it indeed is happening!)

I see miles and miles of green everywhere!

Priyagc: You could document the above happenings (visuals, tape...) and sue if it is possible. Who knows... you might be able to go back home as a queen (or a king) lot sooner than you think! :)

**not a legal advice**


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Grow up!

I see just criticism from both the ends nothing else.
None of you has complete facts about anything (neither do I).
You have to realize, Whatever you express here is just your own view.
That's all.

priyagc doesn't represent India and JoeF doesn't represent Western world.

Someone in the thread already said, whatever we do it is our own choice.
Enjoy with whatever you have.

There is something good and bad with every country. And we live with that.
Every country has its own cultural values, respect them.

Whether US is a good country or bad country it has influence on the world,
it is the same case with India whatever degree it is.

Unless you live in that country, you don't have a right to criticize a

If you don't like the way they do things here in USA, just leave. Don't
just criticize the system.

Also, if you know India just through CNN or other media and would like to
comment about it, just shut the hell up.

Every moron strongly believes he/she is a wise ass.

Just don't make your own opinions as facts regarding US/India/Europe/Any country,
whatever those are they stink.


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I know how India is and thats the reason why
it is rated as 3rd world country.

I have already said that every country has its own pros's/cons, so don't need u'r advice on whether to stay here or there.


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Re: Tender green

You will be suprised what else my mgr says/asks. Last time I visited India, my mgr asked to me get this/that etal(Gave me a big list). The mgr is little weired in the sense that he took divorce to get married to rich person just for the sake of money, I couldn't believe it untill futher conversations where he mentioned about the great vacations spots they went to and how much they spent etal.
Coming to the lawsuits, I don't think there can be a legal case made against the mgr since the mgr is acting on his own conscience and the company didn't ask the mgr to do things like that.
Infact if the company knows about it , they might fire him.


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Re: Re: Tender green

** Cut/Paste from another thread *****

Originally posted by priyagc
Coming to the lawsuits, I don't think there can be a legal case made against the mgr since the mgr is acting on his own conscience and the company didn't ask the mgr to do things like that.
Well, the usual way is to complain to HR and/or his supervisor. At that point, the company knows and becomes responsible if it continues.
But usually how these things go, lawyers go after the big money, because they get paid out of the settlement.
So any time a lawyer can find some, any company responsibility, it is pretty much a done deal.
In addition, even if the company is not responsible, they have an interest in avoiding bad public relations. It wouldn't be the first time that a company paid money in a settlement to avoid the publicity of a process.


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Citizens of 3rd world countries take lesser salaries:

I really don't agree on this since the statement is only partially true based on the sample set that u consider and u'r generalization of western countries people might be wrong too.

Atleast, i know one european who came to US in 98-99 and started with a small consulting company and his salary was like a new College grad salary but once he knew the surroundings, he changed jobs and got a better salary(1 1/2 times his original salary). Currently he is doing independent contracting for the last 2 yrs since he got is GC.

Maybe a better generalization would be that people coming on H1 visa demand lesser salaries atleast for their first jobs

Comparing salaries to prostitution was way off guard too. IMHO....


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See, first time immigrants wont have a real feel for things alteast for the first time. Their main intention would be to eke out a living and see what the new country has for them. So, saying that H1's take lesser salary is partially true alteast for their first job since they don't know that US companies would pay them so much.

About my friend, he didn't have a choice since his salary was like that of new college grad and the new company was the client, so it was work as usual with better salary.

About me and my mgr, Why would I care, he asks everybody in the group for something or other(again both American & Non-American). For me work is more important rather than what the mgr asks. I have seen worse mgrs who don't treat people well and have this big attitude problem.

The whole anti-H1b is because of lot of people loosing their jobs in this economy and I can understand their feelings too.


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So what is the discussion all about

I read all the thread and did not understand what is the discussion about. If you want to go back to India (even if you have GC) they will not refuse entry for you. And if you want to stay here , you can do that too. But remember, if anyone of you expect that someone else will remodel India to US and will do a SWAGAT FOR YOU WITH AARTI etc. you are mistaken. It is your job to, if you so want, to change India (if there is anything to be changed) and make the condition suitable so that the future generation will not have to waste their time in this kind of frivolous debate. India is India and US is US. Both countries have their unique standing in the world and you have unique opportunities in each country. So dear friends, stop wasting time, do something so that the world is good for all. Remember, nobody discard their mother howsoever bad she is. Bharat to humara MATA hey, hum unkey bharey mein bura nahin sunna chahengey.