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wow!!. This has turned into a war of words.

Both India and US have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both have their own problems. While corrouption is a problem in India, dealing with insurance companies in US is equally frustrating. The Indian govt. system works on bribes, but also try dealing with DMV, INS and other govt depts here. Both cases are equally painful.

The cultures in both countries are 180 deg apart. India works on mutual trust, relationships etc. In US you are a "number" (SSN) and nothing else. That is your identity and it is more important than the person assigned to the number.

So, it is of no use trying to prove that one country is better than or worse than the other. It depends on which set of problems you can live with. If you don't mind the bribes, India is a good choice. If you are ok with arguing with Insurance companies and spending your life protecting your credit history, stay in US.

As for as caring for the motherland is concerened, one will always have the special bond with their own country, as that was the country you were born in and most of your family still lives there.
One can still do a lot for their country by staying in US. Donate money to legitimate charity organizations etc... You dont have to be physically present in India to help.

My 2c.....



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DMV is pretty efficient. You can get a learner's permit
as long as you pass the knowledge test in one day.
You can then get your DL in one day too as long as
you can further pass the raod test. To transfer
DL from oen state to another take usually few minutes.
No bribe. No hassle.

I personally think a 3rd world country need Westernization
to become a better one. If you look at the world map,
you 'll find this is generally true. Those who refuse to
westernize themsselves are eitehr dir poor backlward
or can only get rich because they just happen to have
somethings oil underneath themselves.

Of course, Westernization does not mean you give up
your cultural heriitages. Many countries do both
well like Japan.


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I used the word Westernization just like we refers F=Ma
to as Newton's Second Law of Motion. Had it been discovered
by Oldton, we would call it Oldton's Law


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>Of course, with the money you make in the US, you can live like >a king in India (or any other 3rd world country).

Actually, the picture is not that good. If you go back, you will not make USA money. You can live off your savings, which will slip away gradually. Secondly, it is no fun to live like a king when
others are poor unless you have the habit of showing off
in front of the poors. Not to mention that all poor folks
may ask you for help, which will definitely put you into
aawkward situations.

A traegedy just occurred to a couple in New Jewsey.
They went to their hoem country to visit parents.
They gave the husband's parents $ 10,000. The husband's
parents take care of their kid born in the USA.
Then they went to the wife's home town to visit
her parents. But they did not bring their kid,
which made the wife's father unhappy.
Then Due to some crazy reasons. The wife's
father got anry over finalcial issues . He asked also for
$10,000. But the couple said they could only give $1000.
The father lost his mind and hacked the couple to


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The alt.computer.consultants does seem to have lot of threads just dedicated to H1-B's having impact on their profession i.e consulting.

But it seem silly that these people don't realize that for the past 2 yrs there are very few H1-B's coming into the market and that lot H1-B's have got into GC or EAD stages.

But, I can tell that there are hoardes of F1 students waiting to get converted to H1-Bs but who know if this industry will ever recover.

It will be intresting to see, what these people will whine about when H1-B's get converted to GC and bring down the consulting rates.


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The problem of similar nature occur in home country too.
In 1980s, thousands of Bangladesh immigrants in India
were attacked and slaughtered by the natives because
the local Indians think these Bangladesh took away
their business and opportunities. They not
only kill immigrant workers but also their families even
childrens (maybe the media fed me with false info
so corrrect me if I heard it wrong).

Such events also occurr in many other thrid world countries.
And conflicting side may not even be citizens vs foreign
immigrants but often two groups of people of teh same

No matter how bad the USA is, the citizens have not
begun to slaughter H1B yet.


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You conjure up some amazing stories.

First it was raping daughters incase crime is committed.
then westernization,
then the NJ family story,

then the bangladeshi story.

I personally don't think you are telling facts. Do you have a link about hacking 1000's of bangladeshi's in 80's.

Don't worry, IMHO Muslims are going to slaughter the americans(ourself included incase we get citizenship) and europians before they can slaughter anybody else.

You have seen 9-11 and as long as people follow Islam in the current form, they will always never forget US and Israel.

Go to Europe, you will see the Muslims all over the place following their weird religion and in a few years, they would want a separate country for themselves ruled by an autocrat.

I can't believe India has so many muslims even after creating pakistan exclusively for muslims.

What an idiot was Gandhi/Nehru.

Religion is another topic in itself which should not be discussed here.


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>You conjure up some amazing stories.

>First it was raping daughters incase crime is committed.


It was in the news all over a few month back. But
I got it wrong about relation (not teenage daughter but sister)

"The rape was apparently ordered by tribal elders as punishment for an alleged affair between the girl's younger brother and a woman from a tribe considered higher caste. "

Compared with such things, what is the big deal
if there are more teenage girl pregnancy in the West?
Not to mention there are more child prostitutes
in 3rd wordl countries.

>then westernization,

This is my personal opinion. I beliebve I am right.
For selfish-nationalistic reason, I hope my country do
that faster than other 3rd world countries though
I wish the prosperity of all countries.

>then the NJ family story.

The couple were from my hoem country and
the killings occur in my home country. It is
in the news in my hoem country but I won't post the link
because the language is not in English

>then the bangladeshi story.

I remmeber that but the event occured in 1980s.
Don't you want to deny such violent events still often
occcur on large sacle in many third world countries
but has not occurred for a long time in Western countries
(last time was holocaust in WWII).
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Read RK Narayan's article


You may get some insight on this topic if you read an article called "My America" by RK Narayan (famous Indian author) on this topic.

I have attached it here for all to read and reflect.

Essentially, the decision of where to stay is based on what makes you happy.

Having a comfortable hassle-free life with all material comforts makes you happy? America is great for that.

Having a socially and spiritually enriching life with a chance for kids to develop higher values makes you happy? Pack up and head for India.

Don't allow small things like getting a ration card/telephone connection etc be a factor in this decision. You need to have a broader outlook on what it is that you want out of life to make this decision.

Good Luck!


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Have you ever considered the possibility that NOT replying to a post may be the best approach?

Your response to anandun really wasn't very constructive, was it? The only type of replies to a posting of this nature will almost certainly be ones that will cause you to respond in an even more hostile manner.

Please learn some restraint.


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>Having a socially and spiritually enriching life with a chance for >kids to develop higher values makes you happy? Pack up and >head for India.

There are two sides to that. With all due respects for
good thinsg there, we also see violances like Hindu and
Muslims destroy each other's temples/mosques and
that kind of things.

The funny things is that almost all people think USA
is a morally corrupt country (in addition to teh misconcept that
Americans are stupid because they cannot manahually get
the square root of any number). Even people from a country
where a genocide is ccuring and millions of people are
being slaughtered still think the USA has a higher rate of
crime and the streets of USA are not safe.
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That was very good article. I agree hassle in getting ration card/telephone connection are petty things that I am used anyway.

Personally, I am very interested in doing something for my mother land. I am not expecting anything in return so that should help in avoiding any disenchantment.


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Re: Re: Read RK Narayan's article

Originally posted by JoeF

This seems to imply that having a socially and spiritually enriching life is not possible in the US. Well, if you really think that's the case then you haven't been around much in the US.
Of course, there are more distractions, but there is nothing that prevents you to live your life the way you want.

No Joe. This just implies that the probability of having a more interesting social & spiritual life is higher in India than in the US. There are far more distractions here when compared to there.

And yes - I have lived in the US for more than 6 years now so I'm not just talking out of my hat. You have to be a little open to the fact that the US is not a utopian society. There are problems here and there are problems back home. One has to choose which set of problems they can live with and which they cannot, right?


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How are parents or would be parents teach values to the children as there seems to awful lot of rights to the child.

Pls note, my question is not generalizing but rarely children listen to parents so how do you teach them something which you as a person value.

-Spanking children in against law in most of the states.

Has anybody had any experiences with foster homes. Like my question is, will the parents loose control of his child incase they are taken by child care people and put in foster homes.

tender given

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R K's article was an interesting read and was strikingly accurate regarding an Indian's life in the US. I love RK's works and my favorite was the great "Malgudi Days" which I have read twice (and watched the entire series on TV in India).

But it is impossible not to notice the "greatness of living in India" bias in it and it is not surprising at all. . also the article was very judgemental about the American way of life which I thought was a bit unfair. Granted that exposing oneself to the spritual side of life is more possible in India than here because of the strong spiritual roots... but isn't it a fact that most of the widely revered Gurus have a branch in the US and they spend almost 50% of their time in a year here...

Being relatively a new country and being a land of immigrants I think that America is more receptive to ideas relating to spiritual transformation... there is a great possibility of this happening here than anywhere else. What we define as being spiritual back home is sadly limited to performance of rituals that have very limited real spirtual growth attached to it... afterall we haven't seen anything big happen in India (spitually) after buddhism and that was thousands of years ago.


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In order to prevent child abusive spanking, you have to
ban good-intentioned spanking as well in order to better
protect childrens. It is like making putting an open beer can
in a moving car illegal. I do not see the harm of an open
beer can in a car, but I understand that in order to better
prevent drunk driving, there is a need to go to such extreme


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Happier are the People who had the courage to go back

My friends, I just go my green card and its too early for me to say that I'll stay in USA or will go back.

I know many a folks who went back to India and many who does not.

I've couple of my friend who went back after they got their GC and never returned back and not even planning to.

You Enjoy goin back in Following ways:

1-->When you go back to India after severl years in USA, I assume you have earned enough fund to buy a decent house in a decent locality in your own city where you've all your friends and family. And enjoy the freedom of owning your home !!! No 30 year month to month mortgage.

2--> you can buy a nice pretty car and never need to go and get a railway pass. You can afford a driver too, who drive you and your family where ever you want. You own the car :)

3--> You can afford a domestic help and you enjoy spending your time whatever you please.

4--> You get a decent job with your international experience if you don't want to setup your own business.

5--> You need not to struggle to teach your kids the language understood in you home country. If you don't teach them the language of your own, forget about growing them with the culture you love so dearly. Every country has their own culture and every one love their own including USA or any poorest country.

6--> You always feel home and never stressed or tensed.

7--> Almost all the countries are going for globalization and you enjoy almost everything in there.
8--> If you've worked in USA for 10 years, you'll get your social security no matter what and with that money you live like a king/queen in your home country. Believe me.

And my friend told me that its the way you look at it:
--He is not saying that bribe is no more there. But he says If he pays couple of hundred local currency to a DMV agent who will take care of everything, he dont' mind getting that service.
--Giving a postman nice tip once a year, will reach all of your letter at your address even if the address is totally wrong.
--Giving the domestic help occassional gifts, will fetch all her/his loyality for you and he/she may even be ready to his/her life for your family

More ever he was saying that you don't see lines in bank these days. Banks invite you to open account with them. you don't see line for telephone. MTL is trying to give as many connection they could. No ration card is needed if you dont need and its useless for you anyway.

So infact you really enjoy your life at fullest there.

Benifits of staying back in USA:
-- You miss your family always.
-- You may earn much much more compared to in your home country ( that too depends ).
-- If you earn much much more, you may be able to help more people back home ( if you have that kind of mind frame ).
-- You may have your children learn all your clutural values if you go to community gathering and and persue a good life yourself. But you always fear that kids will fall off track.

You may be billionaire with all those luxury but the peace of mind will be enjoyed more by your friend who went back and enjoying his/her life back home.

PS: as far as treatment with women goes, I feel women are treated more respectfully in your own home country compared to they are being treated here.


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Where are we????

Well guys. I am here with a very open mind.

Can someone justify this.

YOu go to Doctor to get travel shots and he hands out a handout saying that at first instance of sickness you should be out of India to Singapore.

Well someone ask Mr. Doctor, here we are supposed to be in world's biggest economy and are supposed to be under the care of World's best medical care. Well someone see the facts. YOu are sick today but you should feel obliged that the dosctor has an appointment for you available after 3 weeks. Well are we supposed to keep sick for 3 weeks or doctors expect to see the symptoms of more serious illness after 3 weeks.

Though I am enjoying my stay here but why cant we see the good things of being at our native places also.


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One person here just came back from visiting India.
He told that when he entered inspection, the border
inspection official, with the stamp in one hand, asked
"How much can you give me?"