Give up green card?


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Here is my situation: I got my green card several years ago through employment (H1B, etc). Years later I married a US citizen. We decided to spend some time in my home country so she would learn my language and get to know my family. I got a reentry permit and we left.

It's been almost five years since then, during all this time we've been going back to the US every 3-4 months (never out for more than 6 months). I kept my bank accounts, a US address, filed taxes and never had any problems going through immigration. I have spent a total of maybe 8 months out of the past 5 years in the US.

Recently we realized that we have no intention to return to the US to live in the near future, and each time we go back I'm afraid I might get questioned about this and have to give up my GC. At the same time I do want to continue to go back often to visit our friends and family.

It seems that it would make sense to file an I407 and give up my green card, and get a tourist visa instead. In theory there should be no problem with that, and if we ever decide to go back to the US to live I should be able to apply for a new green card. I don't know anyone who has done this though, and I'm going to call a US immigration lawyer to be sure that this is the right thing to do. Before doing that I wanted to post to this forum to see if anybody had a similar experience. Any thoughts are appreciated!
Sounds like a good plan but you can't simply apply for a green card later. It has to be either employment based or marriage based. If you do not want to live here and have no interest in eventually becoming a US citizen, a tourist visa is the best option.

I am filing the form (I-407) abandonment of lawful permanent resident status,I have the followings questions please,

1-Part 1.b ( your name exactly as it appears on your permanent resident Card)
The name arrangements and sequences in the permanent resident Card from top to bottom is shown as following
Surname (XXXXXXXX)
After that
Given name (YYYYY {first name} + ZZZZZ {middle name} )
I am presuming that the meaning of the statement (your name exactly as it appears on your permanent resident Card )that I have to follow the same sequence and arrangement mentioned on the card (i.e. surname, given name) to fill part 1.b of I-407 which is just one field ONLY ,I tried to fill the name as I understood but the form didn’t accept comma as a separator between the surname and the given name, instead can I fill the name considering this sequences (Given name after that surname),I am proposing this sequence because No need for comma as a separator if the Given name is coming before the surname .

  • 2- I noticed the presence of some difference between the front and the back of the permanent resident card in terms of the given name, the back side is giving long name while the front side is less, in this case which one shall I follow the given name mentioned on the front or at the back of the card.
  • 3-Part (14.a &14.b) who shall sign the form on behalf of the Minor child (age is less than 14 years) his father or his mother? As an evidence for his parental relation can we enclose only copy of his birth certificate? Is that enough evidence, I took this information from the form’s instruction (item number 14.a-14.c) page 2 of 4 .
  • 4-Part (1.2) I don’t have USCIS online account number can I fill N/A or No need to fill any thing in that field?
  • 5-(Part 2) ,I am Not using interpreter to fill this form, Noting that several related fields need to be filed if an interpreter has been used, can I fill all these fields by N/A? or no need to fill any thing.