Girlfriend wants to immigrate from the Philippines to the USA


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Ok, this one is kind of new to me. Actually it's completely Greek.

I met a woman from the Philippines about 4 years ago online. We had been friends for about two years until we officially became exclusive. I went to visit her this past summer and we really hit it off. We did not have sex or anything of the sort. She is from a very conservative family and so am I. Not to mention I am too old for "booty calls."
We also talk over the phone every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. We also do video chat online as well as send emails back and forth.

Well, about 2 months ago she approached me about her immigrating to the states. I told her I thought that was great but I wanted to make sure that this is something that she truly wants. She made it clear to me that it is indeed what she wants to do. She has her own money and I even offered to at least help pay for some of the expenses of her moving. She flat out refused to let me. But I'll do it anyway. I'm going to make her pay for most of it though.

What I would like to know is this. What kind of red tape is involved for her to immigrate here and then for her to able to attain work and then to eventually attain citizenship. Now, I know that I am going to have to support her and myself for a little while until she finds a job. That I have no problems with. She does have a good grasp on the English language (although sometimes I have to ask her to repeat something.) Her knowledge of US history I don't know about. I was told that she would have to have at least a working knowledge of that as well.

Any help would be appreciated.
You two will need to get married first or at least plan to marry within a few months of her arrival. If you are a US citizen then the process of sponsoring a spouse or fiance is straightforward, and after being married to you for three years, she can apply for citizenship. There is no other way for her to immigrate to the US. And by the way, make sure that this is not a scam because looks like everyone from The Philippines wants to immigrate to the US and the women there prey on older American guys by being nice to them, get the visa, and after a while they disappear.
You and her need to either marry and apply for GC for her while she's there or apply for fiancee visa and get married when she comes to the States. There's no other way of her immigrating for her to the US through you.

After she comes here she will either have GC right away or in the latter scenario she will have the fiance visa which requires you to marry her and then she will apply for GC here. You will be the sponsor in every case. Then after she gets her GC after a while (3 years) she can apply for citizenship. Then US history and English come into play but you should not be worried about it all now.
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