getting married in South Africa


I am looking to marry within the next few months my fiance. He is a South African citizen and I am a US citizen.

I have been told to get a letter of impediment(though I think the person responding to my inquiry meant a letter of no impediment from what I have read here) I also need my passport and we need 2 witnesses each.

What I am wondering though is if anyone has gone through the courts as the person who responded said if we wanted to do a "quickie' wedding in a court rather then an all out affair, which we will have once back in the US, then I should contact the nearest court for information on that.

Also, has anyone decided to do the marriage in the US instead of in SA? What exactly is the process, do I need to petition first then marry or can he get a temp visa and marry me there while on it and then stay while petitioning?

I saw a few people have gone through this in south africa but the posts were over 3 years old.

any hep on this as soon as possible would be appreciated.