Getting fired from the job that sponsored you


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I got sponsored for greencard under the EB3 unskilled category to work as a janitor. I was in a different state and the job was in a different state. I got my greencard within a year and then moved to the state of the job location to start working. I asked for a week off from work for a personal committment. I gave them about a month’s notice, they said okay in the beginning but later denied it. I couldn’t cancel my plans. They fired me for not agreeing to work on those days. Initially they told me to come back after the event and they would rehire me. In the meantime I also asked if there was any other position I could be considered for. Two or three days later they tell me there are no spots available for me, not even the original job i was intended to do. I only worked for them for a week. I am afraid if it would look like my fault that i asked for days off and then got fired. I moved to a different state two months after getting the greencard, even purchased a new car, tried to make it work with the employer. Is that enough to prove I intended to work for them but couldn’t due to circumstances?
Hello friend Hope all is well. You want to work with them but sometimes whatever happens in our lives not controlled by us . God will resonsible for that . Remember my friend Keep moving forward is good.
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