Getting a Pakistani passport

Hello all,

I will try to keep this simple and to the point. I want to get a Pakistani passport.

I have a US passport and born in USA. I also just recently applied for NICOP which I have gotten just now.

So with a NICOP in my hands, does this mean I am considered a Pakistani citizen? Can I apply for passport now?

On their website it says, I would need my US passport, NICOP and old PAKISTANI passport.

I do not have or never had a Pakistani passport, is there a possibility of still getting one? Should i just go into the embassy with my US passport and NICOP? Im in New york.

I called the office but kept transferring to another person who kept going to voicemail

I am over 21 years old, both parents are pakistani citizens with old pakistani passports as well as US passports.

cliff notes:

Im USA citizen, born in US and have a US passport.
I have NICOP
Want to make pakistani passport
DO not have a old pakistani passport or never had one in my life
both parents are pakistani citizens with birth of place being Pakistan

Thank you very much!!


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I think they refer to the old passport just like other countries refer to them for renewals. If it's your first passport, of course you won't have one! For example, the embassy in Dublin says you first get NICOP, and then a passport: I would go and check in person. I'm not surprised that you can't get a hold of someone at a South Asian consulate. They don't really care. Have you tried email?

I can tell you the Indians aren't very different in terms of customer service and bureaucracy.
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