Getting a B-1 Visa for a domestic servant (nanny)

Hi All,

I would like to have my nanny accompany me to the US for some medical procedures. I currently hold a position abroad. She has worked for me over a year. She has an interview next week with the embassy.

Will she still need to bring her own bank statements and property statements? Also, do I need to send her with my financial documents also?

Lastly, it seems that some of the posts I read, the person has been rejected right away when they say they have family living in the US. Do you find this to be true?



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B1/B2 visa applicants must submit documentary evidence of their ties to home country to the counselor's satisfaction, and to alleviate the presumption of immigrant intent. The interviewing officer needs to be convinced the nanny will return to her country once her purpose in the US is complete.