GC Question - Married to US Citizen for over 2 yrs .....

     I am not too familia with the GC process etc. I hold an H1-B visa. I have been married to an US Citizen for over 2 yrs and have a kid(also US Citizen).
     Please advice me on how to go around this GC applications/process. Do I need a Lawyer? How much time does it take? Since we have been married for 2 yrs, would it be a temp. GC or a Permanent one?
     Any advice or suggestios welcome.
Thank you for your time.
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Hi Dave

you and your spouse together need to file I-130 , I-485 along with the I765 (application for work auth) at your local INS office.

Since you and ur USC spouse have been married for over 2 years i think INS may grant you the permanent green card.

good luck



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Family based GC filling in chicago (Under US citizen\'s spouse)

Does anyone filed i-485 under citizen\'s spuse catagory in chciago dist. office....
Does anyone know whoand which web site has tracker for It..

Thanks in Adavnce