GC for Parents


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Hi My Parents are in US on Visitor visa. I am planning to apply for parents GC. My sibling who is in US on Student visa and is 23. When My parents file for my sister i130 would his priority date be locked and when they become US citizen they do no have to re-file for her I-130 again? further while parents GC is pending will it impact my sibling to get OPT or any further F1?


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Your parent, when they become a permanent resident, can petition their child (your sibling) who is unmarried. Then later on if your parents become citizens, their petition for your sibling changes category automatically; no new petition is filed, and the priority date doesn't change. Note that your sibling would have to remain unmarried (at least until your parent becomes a citizen; and even then, it's still better to remain unmarried until they immigrate). If your sibling marries before the petitioner becomes a citizen, the petition dies.