GC at snail pace


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For all those who are waiting like me to obtain a GC (EB3 Category) since Nov 2002 (feels like forever), there should be a bill passed that provides a person with citizenship if he/she has lived legally in this country for 10 plus years, paid all taxes, was never involved in any criminal offence/legal issues etc. More in the lines of providing PR for people who lived legally and paid all taxes in the UK for 5 years.. It has been over 10 years already and it could take another couple before I see a GC in hand and imagine waiting for another 5 years to apply for Citizenship :), that is not going to happen in my case, chances are I will not even see my GC as I am ready to R2I, July 2012. This is so ridiculous we have to wait endlessly for a GC and not be able to apply for citizenship that could help us with other benefits which we deserve at a later stage in life like SSN money (if there is any left :)) etc or even simpler things like planning a trip to visit Disney or take a cruise when we feel like at some point in time later.. )We can't even take a cruise now even if we have the money and time to do that, atleast I am not comfortable doing it without a GC in hand). We now go back with a heavy heart that these little things can't be achieved inspite of putting up with so many uncertanities in this country for over 10 years... I guess it's called Destiny for some of us!!!