GC Approved


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congrats to you also. we are almost in the same time frame.. today I got my welcome letter/approval notice in the mail. hope to get the card in a day or two.


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Victory at last....

Oh man, you deserve it after a long long time. Yes, now you can say that you have bitten all the odds. You sure is a winner this time, thank god. Congratuations on your success, it is also an inspirations to others as well. Remembering all these past days of daring to bring the lawsuit and the possibility of getting GC sooner always created some sort of hope, and now that hope has turned into the reality. This is great news, you must be busy getting your six-pack out of cooler. Nice to see your approval.


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thank you

labordrags - thanks for your wishes. I strongly believe you will receive your GC in the next 3 or 4 weeks... wish you good luck.


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congratulations GCBY2010.

would you please share some detail like when your I-140 was approved and still USCIS website shows your status as pending but actually you got your GC?

see my signature for my case. not sure if any thing will get approved on my case soon. not sure what soft LUD is on I-140.

Priority date : 2/16/2005
I-140 Labour substitution case filed on 5/7/2007 - Status Pending
LUD : 3/6/2008

I-1485 filed on 8/16/2007 - Status pending
LUD : 11/6/2007 due to FP

EAD : filed on 3/4/2008 - Status Pending


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Enjoy the green man, you really deserved it
its really pain for not getting before
i can feel the pain of old timers
God will help us man

After a long battle my GC is approved today. I filed my labor about 7 years ago in the same period.. I never thought during these years that this day would ever come.. I just checked my mail at 7 PM today and I see CRIS.

My life has gone through several changes during this long time. I have remained glued to the immigration portal forums for days.. This was a source of food & water during these eventful times.

I owe it to this forum and website which kept my hopes alive and life running..I sincerely wish everyone else's day will come in the near future.

EB3 India June 2001
Labor languished in the BEC until Apr 2007
140 - May 2007
485 - Applied June 15, 2007
GC Approved Today.


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thanks DesiG, PK_GC_Waiting,zzzz4zzzz.

PK_GC_Waiting - My I140 was filed in first week of May 07, and got approved by May 20th. It was done in premium processing. All my applications I140, I485 are showing as complete, they are not showing pending anymore. I140 showed complete on May 20th and 485 last week. No soft luds on I140 or 485 anytime, except once in 485 when finger prints were done July last year. So really not sure what the soft luds mean.