G4 while spouse is on H1B.


Apparently there is a rule that you cannot get a G4 visa (international organizations) if your spouse is on a H1B visa. Also, it seems that the rule is implemented only in some US embassies and consulates.

Has anyone in this situation received a G4 visa from Delhi without affecting their spouse's status?

I have been offered a position in New York but am not sure if I will be able to get the required visa if I travel to Delhi since my husband is on H1B. Looking forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!
Can my husband retain H1B while I work on G4?


I had the same query like Sanyar's. Can someone please help me on this? Why can't one spouse be on H1B while the other on G4? Is there any conflict of interest or anything otherwise? Also, from the Internet search I have done, I have not come across a particular rule which says dependants/spouse of G4 cannot be on any other non-immigrant visa. Can anyone provide more information on this, if such a rule does exist.

There is no such rule that spouse can only by on G4. For many WorldBank staff on G4, got their GC through their H1B working spouse's GC processing.
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H1b TO G4 Visa

Snayyar, Visa access, others,

I am in the same situation like you. Did you take the G4 position and then were also able to apply GC later.

Kindly advise. any inputs will be helpful.