G4 to GC


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I have been working for international organization on G4 visa during the past five years as a Senior Specialist. I have a Masters Degree from a leading US university. Is there any way I can apply for GC under the National Interest Waiver or other similar program? Also, I know that G4 visa holders are eligible for GC after retirement from international organization (under special immigrant class). Does anyone know whether early retirement from international organization would allow the person to apply to GC as well? Many thanks for your reply.


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I think, you cannot initiate a Labor for GC while you are on G4 visa. Where as if have applied GC when on H1 and got converted to G4, then you can continue processing the GC, if your company doesn't stop processing. When you apply for I140 and I485 as future employment, you may or may not get a query. If you get a query, then you have to get converted to H1 and join the company who applied labor. To answer your question, no you cannot apply for GC while your are still on G4.