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My friend filed 485 in July'07 through a consulting company (previous employer) as a future employee. At that time he is living and working full time for another company in California. Now he wants to go back and work for consulting company, which is in Virginia. His labor and i140 applications indicate the work location as Virginia. He wants to work for the consulting company for couple of years to fulfill the GC requirements, and move on.

Now the questions, to fulfill the GC requirements, are:

1. Should he move to Virginia and live and work in Virginia?
2. Should he move to Virginia, live there, but can travel to other states/places to work?
3. Can he live and work in any state, while consulting company manages the project and runs the payroll?

Thanks in advance


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AC21 will allow him to change locations, so he can do any of options 1-3.

But if the company is in Virginia, he is living in another state X and working in a third state Y, that has non-immigration complications like taxes.
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