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Fulbright and J1 waiver, Mission Impossible?

Discussion in 'General J Visa and Related Issues' started by Greta B., Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Greta B.

    Greta B. Registered Users (C)

    I have heard a lot about how the Fulbright scholars should just forget a waiver unless the funds they received are below a certain limit.
    Are there any Fulbright scholars out there that managed to get waivers? If, you are one, or you know of a case of a Fulbright scholar that managed to achieve "the impossible", could you please share this information?

    thank you

    Greta B.
  2. Streamflow

    Streamflow Registered Users (C)

  3. Greta B.

    Greta B. Registered Users (C)

    questions still remain

    Hi Streamflow and others out there that might be interested,

    I checked out the forum pages that you mentioned and unfortunately the people that posted in those forums are as clueless as I am when it comes to finding out whether there have been any Fulbright scolars that managed to get this waiver. Noone who actually might know about a case that resulted in a waiver, posted a reply to those people's questions.

    Thank you for directing me to those pages though. I hope that if there is any information out there people would be willing to share it with others.

    Greta B.
  4. christiane

    christiane New Member

    I am in the same boat... haven't learnt about anyone who managed to get a fulbright waiver. will let you know if i hear, hope you can do the same.
  5. running_swede

    running_swede Registered Users (C)

    It is possible. I got a favorable recommendation from DoS for my No Objection application (still waiting for final decision from USCIS, but I doubt they will go against the recommendation of DoS). It took 5 months to get sponsor views in my case, but once DoS had them they issued a recommendation within days.
  6. lugacevedo

    lugacevedo Registered Users (C)

    Processing Time


    I would like to know about your timelines.
    I mean when did you got favorable recommendation from DOS?
    When did USCIS received your application?
    Which service center is processing your case?
    When will you get the final waiver from USCIS?

    By the way, which country are you from?
    And congratulations about the waiver. 5 months for sponsor views is a looong wait.


  7. running_swede

    running_swede Registered Users (C)

    I am from Sweden (duh?).

    DoS processing:
    08/09/05 Application received
    08/18/05 No Objection Statement received
    08/18/05 Request for Sponsor Views sent
    12/29/05 Sponsor Views received
    01/09/06 Recommendation sent

    USCIS (Vermont Service Center):
    01/17/06 Recommendation received
    01/19/06 I-797C, Notice of Action sent

    Expected processing time (they say) 30-90 days, although I am not sure I can trust that. Sounds as if it can take a lot longer.
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  8. lugacevedo

    lugacevedo Registered Users (C)


    Thanks Sweden guy,

    It seems that you need to wait sometime.

    You can actually look at the Service Center website for Processing times. They have posted a timeline for the I-612 Application for the waiver of the 2 year rule based on exceptional hardship or persecution. Since this was not your case, the timelines are not adequate for your particular case, but you can get an idea how fast they process these cases.


    Please, let us know when you get the actual waiver from USCIS.
  9. running_swede

    running_swede Registered Users (C)

    The 30-90 days is from the online status page for my case. They say that's the time my type of case takes right now. I have until the end of June, so I am not too worried about running out of time just yet. The Web site you point me to makes me think it should take no more than 60 days (paragraph above the big table for the Vermont service center). Thanks for the link. I'll let you all know when I get the actual waiver. Just wish more Fulbrighters with a positive experience would share their information. When I applied for the waiver I was almost certain that I would not get a favorable recommendation. It might have helped that the Fulbright commission in my country was supportive and that, officially, I hardly received any money from the Swedish or U.S. government.
  10. lugacevedo

    lugacevedo Registered Users (C)

    Fulbright Waiver

    In support of Running Swede,

    I just got yesterday my J1 waiver. I am a Fulbright too.

    I know getting a J1 waiver is very difficult. Soon I will post my experience in this forum to light other people find a way in this complicated matter.

    Good luck to all,
  11. running_swede

    running_swede Registered Users (C)

    Looks like it was finally approved by USCIS (got an e-mail update today), although the language is kind of cryptic. It says "we mailed you a notice that we certified our approval of this case and sent it to the appellate body for review." Is this just standard language, or could the "appellate body" still deny my application? Can I submit I-485+I-765 now to get work authorization?

    BTW, the processing time for waiver applications listed on the web site above clearly do not apply to No Objection since the notice date for my application was January 19. I called the National Customer Service Center earlier today and they told me my application would probably not be processed for another two months, but then it was processed today. Obviously they were only looking at the same information available on the web site. If this means that I got my waiver application approved, total time from when I submitted my application until approval was about 7 1/2 months (!) for a No Objection application. Another three for work authorization, and I might actually be able to start a new job when my postdoc ends on June 30!
  12. nemu

    nemu Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations! I just started my paperwork too. Very curious about your experience. Maybe there are some additional documents I could still send...

  13. Greta B.

    Greta B. Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations to all who managed to get the waivers

    Hi everyone,

    I am in awe to hear that two Fulbright scholars managed to get favorable outcomes. I have to say I am happy for you guys.

    After my application with the No Objection Basis was denied I reapplied this February on the basis of "fear of persecution". My DS2019 is expiring in May 30th, and for obvious reasons I cannot return to my country, and according to processing times table, the USCIS Nebraska Service Center is now reviewing applications with the receipt date of September 19 2005! It will take forever for them to get to my application and I don't even know if they are reviewing these cases carefully. I sure hope so.

    Is there anyone with the similar case experience? And does anyone know how to extend my status while I am waiting in the U.S. to hear from the USCIS?

    Again I am amazed that some Fulbright people have managed to get waivers. At this point I have to rely on the competency and compassion of whoever is going to initially review my case at the USCIS and it is cold comfort to me...
  14. nemu

    nemu Registered Users (C)

    Greta B., looks like fear of persecution is a better choice for you. I am sure if you documented everything thoroughly, your case will be looked at from a different point of view than no objection. When thinking logically, no objection should not even apply to most of the Fulbrights, especially if the home country is not contributing any funds. This is why iI am curious to know what the successful applicants say in their personal statements that makes Fulbright accept their argument.
  15. running_swede

    running_swede Registered Users (C)

    I do not know how much the personal statement really matters, but I tried to argue that I would be of more value to my country if I stayed in the U.S. than if I returned to my home country. I argued that returning right now would be very disruptive for my career.

    I think that it may be more important what the no objection statement from the embassy says. I know that my home country is very supportive of no objection applications, although (of course) I do not know exactly what my no objection statement said.

    It is not clear to me that the amount of money you receive is all that important either. I did not receive a lot of money, but I heard from a German Fulbright Scholar who got a waiver based on a no objection statement even though that person had received a substantial amount of money.
  16. nemu

    nemu Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for writing back, Running Swede. Usually people loose interest in participating in forums once they get the waiver :)

    Well, my statement was pretty similar. Hope it will do the trick. Did not emphasize too much the disruption of my career but tried to make an argument that I am in a better position to continue fulfilling the spirit of Fulbright if I stay here. From what I read online, some statements do not sound very convincing as they emphasize wanting to stay in the country because of marriage or hoping to get an H1 visa and no objection is not for that. I agree that what the embassy says is important but this only makes sense in the cases when your home country contributes to Fulbright funds as well. I know Germany does and apparently many German Fulbrights are getting waivers. Oh who knows... The wait is killing me ...
  17. running_swede

    running_swede Registered Users (C)

    Good luck! It took a long time to get sponsor views in my case. I do not know if that is typical for Fulbright applicants, but expect several months from when DoS requests sponsor views until they receive them.

    I wish more people would share their positive experience, but I guess you are right that most people loose interest once they get the waiver. Of course, I am still interested in these formums because I am now starting the process of applying for a green card.
  18. nemu

    nemu Registered Users (C)

    Thanks! Yes, I noticed your timeline. 4 months is a lot :(
  19. nemu

    nemu Registered Users (C)

    Well, my online status is showing "Favorable Recommendation" so I guess we can add another Fulbright to the impossible :)

    When writing my statement I kept in mind this quote from FAQ
    and tried to make a case that me staying in the US is actually an extension of Fulbright goals since I am in the process of finishing my PhD and I am teaching intercultural communication classes.

    I am pleasantly surprised that it took only 3 weeks to get sponsor views.

  20. Ftat

    Ftat New Member

    J1 waiver -no objection from Argentina

    I was a J1 sponsored by Fulbright Argentina.

    -Any information if other Argentineans got a waiver based on Non-objection from government? Or any other Latin American country?

    -Does anyone know if it is possible to complete the 2 year HRR in parts? Or does anyone know where to obtain this information?

    Thanks a lot,


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