From B2 to DV2020 Adjustment Process


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Hello Friends,

I have been selected for the DV 2020, my family and I are legally living in the US under B2 visa for 9 months, we extended our stay and it has been approved. I filed the DS-260 online and submitted it, during the filing process we selected USCIS as interview location.
My questions are:
1-)After filing and submitted online the DS-260, will we get an email from KCC for the next steps or what should we do? If yes how long it takes to get a feedback from them?
2-) After some researches I found that since we have selected USCIS as interview location, we might file i-485, I filed this form but didin't submit it since I have got any new from the KCC after submitting the DS-260.

Thank you for your help..


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Thank you very much for the guiding me, I m new in this group, actually some body gave me your name because you helped her for the same process in 2015.

Thank you