FoxPro and C# Programmer Looking For SponsorShip


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Brazilian, 36 years, married, analyst of systems and programmer,
13 years of experience, languages to clipper and visual fox pro.

I am looking for sponsorship in any place of USA or Canadá. I have attached my resume, and I can be contacted by email at
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VisualFoxPro Remote / Freelancer Job


I have 7+ years of experience in Visual Foxro 9, C#, MySQL, MSSQL.

my email : kalpesh2804 at yahoo dot com

skype : kalpesh2804


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Visual Foxpro Developer & MS SQL Server

Dear All,

I have 16 years experience of software development and application support in Visual Foxpro (v2.6 to v9.0) and MS SQL Server (2005/2008).

Please email me to if you need to see my resume.