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Form i-407 signed after incorrect information from embassy

Discussion in 'Discuss any legal or other issue' started by germangal, May 25, 2017.

  1. germangal

    germangal New Member

    my ex-husband is American and so is one of my 2 daughters. I had a green card but after the divorce, my family talked me into moving back to Germany since my ex-husband was more worried about spending time with his new wife. I always planned on going back to the US but at a visit at the US embassy in Frankfurt, was told that I had to sign form i-407 even if I planned on going back and was just here temporarily since I could not afford the plane tickets at the current time and wasn't sure when I was able to fly back.
    Well, it is now 3 years later and I am aware that once signed, there is nothing I can do. I have been applying both for the green card lottery and jobs in hopes of securing a visa. My ex-husband would really like to have the kids back in the country so he can spend time with them and I always considered it my home and hate living in Germany. Are there any routes that I am unaware of that I have not explored yet? I was told by the embassy if I were to travel to the US currently and my ex-husband would then go to a lawyer he could bar our daughter from leaving the country again, where would that leave me and my non-US citizen daughter? Would we be able to go through the German embassy to temporarily be able to stay while legal disputes were being dealt with? Anyone any ideas?
  2. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    I have a close friend that had a similar situation with the father of her son a U.S.Citizen and they don't really grant you any special permit at least not in her case. You currently have custody of your both daughters and doubt they could be taken away from you so easily and without proper evidence. Is your ex husband trying to take away your U.S. citizen daugther? If that's the case, then try to get legal advise. In regards to other routes of green card. You have the EB-5 visa https://www.uscis.gov/eb-5 but it requires a lot of money in terms of investment. Winning the DV Lottery only offers 1% of chances to be selected. I have been trying for 3 years now and no longer putting hopes on this route.

    Best of luck to you.
  3. jaydentony88

    jaydentony88 New Member

    halo everyone

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