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Form I-130 affidavit

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by perauni, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. perauni

    perauni New Member

    I am US citizen trying to sponsor my wife's green card. She is currently out of the country. We got married recently so we dont have any documents to show that our marriage is bona fide. So I am thinking of submitting affidavits with the form I-130.
    Can I give a sworn affidavit claiming it is for real ?
    Can the parents of the spouse give an affidavit?
  2. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    How'd you go from F1 status to USC in about a year?
  3. perauni

    perauni New Member

    Im not sure what you mean here. I am not an F1 student.
  4. newacct

    newacct Well-Known Member

    You made posts last year asking about applying for AOS and you said then you were an F1 student. Were you asking for someone else?
  5. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Precisely. There were posts by you in the DV forum. Referring to yourself in the first person as being on F1 undergoing DV AOS.

  6. perauni

    perauni New Member

    Ah yes, that was for my sister. she got the green card.
  7. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    One account for an entire family? gosh
  8. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Does your family each usually use “I” when talking about any of the family members? Must get really confusing when you all get together. Especially when you mix up genders.
  9. perauni

    perauni New Member

    Can someone please help me with the question I have? Contacting the USCIS is no help in matters like this.
  10. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    People here tend to be sceptical of posters who appear to be posting under false pretenses, even if it’s something kinda arbitrary.

    Anyway most people applying for spouse visas have only been married recently when they submit documentation, that’s not an “excuse”. You’ll need more than just affidavits, which from some countries are pretty much worthless. Presumably you have email, phone, text, WhatsApp and/or Facebook (or something) history of regular communication between you over a period of time, photos of you two together at different times, photos of your engagement party, photos of your wedding, etc. If you come from a country where arranged marriages are common and you don’t have evidence of a long relationship suggest you find some country forums where people give advice on how to show these are bona fide matches and not green card marriages, this is often country or region dependent with local customs.
  11. perauni

    perauni New Member

    the ones you mentioned dont need to be included in the application packet right? those are when you go for the interview ?
  12. George67

    George67 Member

    The affidavit you mention is advisable, but it won't be enough. You will also need to submit the following:

    (a) Photographs documenting courtship, marriage, honeymoon and daily life (write dates, places and names on the back of the photographs).

    (b) Miscellaneous receipts, itineraries, and correspondence documenting events, visits, and communication throughout courtship and marriage.

    (c) Affidavits, duly executed by: your and at least 2 of your friends or relatives.

    In any case, you should hire a qualified immigration attorney.
  13. perauni

    perauni New Member

    Thanks all for the replies!
  14. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    Agreed.. preferable to create separate account for each immigration/visa individual as previous posts may form the basis for current responses.
  15. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    An affidavit will be helpful but you still need the marriage certificate to submit your I-130 paperwork otherwise they'll put your case on hold until you provide that marriage certificate.
    I wrote about submitting one for my wife 2 years ago. Read here and let me know if you have any questions.


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