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Hi everyone.

Well right now I'm waiting for my appointment for FP on April 23rd. But I'm 90% sure that my wife didnt sign the affidavit of support, because I did everything, all the paper work, and just told her where to sign, but, I guess I forgot to check that form.

My wife is the sponsor and there is also a joint sponsor.

My question is, should I wait for USCIS to ask for the signed form? Or should I send the signed form along with a note explaining the situation?

( Please dont write to tell me just how dumb I was not to double check everything :) )
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Well, I have two questions based on that:

1.- Should I send the signed form now, to avoid any delays?
2.- If I wait for the RFE and I send the signed form inmediatly, how long would that delay my case in term of days? I'm not asking exact days, but just an aprox.....

Right now I'm not too crazy about getting my Permanent Resident Card fast, but I do need my EAD......this affidavit of support thing would delay the EAD, right?

Thanks :)
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aof please help

No problem. We all have our blond moments. Once I wrote a 213 statements long firewall policy and my 213th statement was "permit ip any any" :)
hello dear please help
my wife she's petioning for me to come to the us .my i 130 is approved .nvc assign my case number ,they bill me aos fee bill and i paid it,now i need help to fill up the i 864 forms my question is which forms of the following should i fill ?thank you very much.
I-864W - Intending Immigrant's Affidavit of Support Exemption
I-864EZ - Affidavit of Support
I-864 - Affidavit of Support
I-864A - Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member
I-864P - 2009 Poverty Guidelines