For people with LUD of 10/27


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For people with LUD of 10/27 and no further updates


If your I-485(s) have an LUD of 10/27/2004 and have not received any updates since then please post your I-140 and I-485 ND's. I just want to know the cases which were touched but have not received any updates since then and if there is any pattern in the receipt dates or Employment category. Below is my information: -

I-140ND I-485ND EB-Category
--------- ---------- --------------
03/19/04 03/19/04 EB2-RIR
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My Case Details
I-140/485 RD 03/26/2004
LUD Changed only for 485 on 10/27/04(both for me and wife).EB2 RIR

EAD/AP Approved.FP done on May 7 2004

No change in LUD for I-140

Really are they processing March Cases??



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If you guys notice, I140 dates have not moved for the past 4 weeks (EB2). Its stuck with March 22 date. No many approvals either

EB2 Original Labor, CSC
I140/I485/AP/EAD: RD - July 27, 2004
I140/I485/AP/EAD: ND - Aug 02 2004
AP Approved - Aug 23 2004
EAD Approved - Aug 24 2004
FP Received - Sep 02 2004
FP appointment date - Oct 16 2004
FP done - Sep 09 2004
FP received message - Sep 20 2004


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You are right. The dates moved really fast for a couple of months and seems like a lot of approvals we actually done. The March 22, 2004 date has not moved since the update on JIT from Nov. 19, 2004. Let us hope that this is a minor hiccup and not a major road block.


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maybe they're all out on vacation till next year? seems like there were especially a lot of approvals until the end of the fiscal year.. then the ball got dropped :(


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They are not my friends .... I found from just random check on cases

As I said ... I have no details


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Thanks gca2405 for posting the scan results. I have tried using the latest tscanner.jar butI keep getting HARD proxy failures. Can you tell me how do you set up the list of proxies ?


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to be very honest with you ... I just run the program ... I am not a Java person so I even don't try to read the error message ...

when it works ... fine ... when it gives error ... I close the window and try later ...


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what does this program do just go check different reciept numbers and report back the result?


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Here are my details:

RD: May 2001 (Couple of RFE's in 2003)
AD: Jan 2004

RD: 5th March 2004
LUD: 4/14, 11/15, 11/16
RFE: 11/30 Company's Ability to pay & Letter from my company detailing my salary and job description

RD: 25th May 2004
FP: 22nd July 2004
LUD: 7/27, 10/27 (No status change)