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my wife`s interview is scheduled for june 30 in islamabad,pakistan. NVC has emailed a list of documents which neends to be taken to the interview..NOW they give you a key chart and on another page they give you a list along with the letter which corresponds to that key chart on the previous page.. I have only been asked for the POLICE REPORT AND MEDICIAL TO BRING to the interview.. On financial evidence it says that it is not required. MY question is that do I have to take I-134 to interview.. I did not work last year and the year before as I was living in pakistan .. my income take return on ly shows 3000 per year .. I do not have a co sponsor . I am really worried. DO you that that I134 would be necessary for my wifes case.?
I have been selected for second stage.Praise be to the Lord.The question i have is,i was married before i applied for the visa lottery in 2009.But i could not include in any of my 2 kids passport photos then because their mother could not get them scanned to me as at that time,as she was sick then,and i was away in Europe as at the time i applied,while they were far away in Africa on holidays as at that time.My question now is,since i only stated i was married,is it advisable i now include in my kids passport when sending my application to KCC,or what exactly do i do now?Since i am currently resident in Europe while they are in Africa,how do i go about the bringing my family to me,even if not immediately when im leaving,but at least later?
Anyone experienced on this should kindly get across to me.

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