Follow to join and marriage over the Phone

I had the H1-B and already applied for the AOS I-485. As my friend told me that if your application got accepted your wont able to sponsor your wife on H4-B, so better for a backup do the marriage over the Phone. So I convince my In-Law and they got agreed for it.
In the meanwhile I was waiting for my AP paper to travel and attend the marriage ceremony and immediately apply for my wife H4-B visa.

But same thing happen which I was afraid of and they accept my application and send me the Green card. Now in the middle of way my ticket is almost book. I did research and find out that I can only adopt the fastest way is the follow to join. I need some clarification suggestion and comments i.e.

1. What is the processing time for follow to join?
2. What are the question does the visa officer ask in Islamabad Embassy from my wife to verify the marriage over the Phone or what proof do I need to provide?
3. What will be the success ratio in that case? As I don’t want to take the risk to get rejection. OR what are the steps should I need to take to minimize the rejection side?

Please tell me if someone goes through the same situation as I just got stuck in the middle of way. I did read a lot of forums for such issue and not find any solution to make sure what to provide the proof in this case.
You need a Lawyer. If you got married over the phone as it were and then you got your green card that is another matter. The whole situation needs to be reviewed by a Lawyer vis a vis your culture etc and whether it is permissible in your case.