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Freelance jobs are not to hard to find - if you know where to look. But what kind of freelance jobs could you undertake? The term 'free lance' originates in the England of the Middle Ages. Mercenary soldiers were equipped with lances, and were free to work for anyone who would pay them. The term stuck, and now applies to anyone working on short-term contracts as they become available. So the kind of freelance jobs offered varies enormously. Such work can be found in virtually every sector of the economy. Almost anything that can be done as a full-time position can also be undertaken by free agents. But naturally, some kinds of freelance job are more popular than others. If you are a writer, designer, programmer, illustrator or photographer, then you fall well into the mainstream contract market. You can be sure that there will always be companies looking for skills such as yours.

Even if you don't have those skills already, you can certainly develop them. It's a mistake to think that you need years and years of experience before you can break into this market. Of course, any experience you do have will be a major asset. But lack of experience can be compensated for by a desire to learn and succeed. The essential ingredients are a degree of talent and a lot of determination. If you have those qualities, then nothing can stop you. To get you started in finding freelance jobs, here are some of the most popular skill types you may consider as career opportunities. If not, start thinking about how you can start gaining some knowledge, perhaps by taking online courses. Programming, Graphic design, Web design, Writing, Medical transcription, Legal transcription, Consultancy,Journalism, Copywriting, Technical writing, Proofreading, Illustrating, Data processing, Photography, Artistic work, Other specialists