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Financial Documents needed to apply for F2 visa while primary visa holder is on OPT?

Discussion in 'General F Visa and Related Issues' started by sudheer059, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. sudheer059

    sudheer059 New Member


    I'm a F-1 visa holder and working on OPT currently. I am applying for a dependant visa (F2) for my wife. My college generated a new I-20 for me and added an additional amount of 3000 $ as expenses for the dependant. So, the total amount shown in my I-20 is 33000. So, when applying for a dependant visa ,

    1. Do I have to show financial statements showing that I can cover expenses for the whole amount shown in my I-20 or only for the additional amount (3000$)?

    2. I have taken statments from a bank as proof of financial ability while applying for my F1 visa. NOw, can I show my paystubs as proof of financial capability ?

    3. If I am required to show proof of financial ability for the whole 33000 $, can I submit a statement that my dad would sponsor this amount? Though my pay stubs would cover this whole amount, I do not have sufficient amount in my bank account now.

    Thank you.

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