Finally Got Green Card


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Finally its over after 7 year , it was very painfull .

1st H1 for 3 year
2nd H1 for 3 year
3rd H1 for 1 year

PD 31 april 2001
LC appoved 2005
140 appoved 2006
145 applied 26 march 2007
1st FD 10 may 2008
interview 24 july 2008
2nd PD 24 Nev 2008
1485 appoved 18th Dec 2008

I had all kind problem , bottom line need good luck and good attorny .
This forum was very usefull thankyou and All the very best .


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Hi Rajesh, congratulations on getting hold of your green card mate.

can you help me mate.

i just got done with my fingerprints and now i don't know what will happen next.

can you plese help me how much long do i have to wait to recieve my greencard now.