Finally Approved - Miracle - 03-063-XXXXX


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Finally got approval emails for myself/spouse, from USCIS today afternoon. Yesterday a guy from Immigration Service called and told us that the cases are approved.

I have waited for the online status to be sure because after what I have gone thru it is really a miracle. I was not expecting the approval (atleast not without an I140 as per USCIS).

Most of the Forum users know my case but here is my roller coster journey.

1. LC Approved in May 2000 EB3.
2. Filed I 140 and approved Nov 2000 (No rule at that time to file concurrent had to wait for the dates to be current).
3. Joined another company Nov 2000
4. Filed Labor in RIR EB2
5. RIR moved to Non-RIR
6. Lay off in Dec 2000.
7. Joined another company, Filed I485 in Dec 2002 based on previous company I140 approval on my own.
8. 6th Year H1 finished in Nov 2003.
8. Got 1 EAD 2 AP's and 2nd EAP Pending.
9. Got Notice Of Intent to DENY in Nov 2004 due to I140 withdrawal request came in Nov 2002 just before filing I485 and USCIS revoked my I140 in April 2003 due to that I'm not eligible for AC21 also.
10. Responded to NOID with basic information, Every top lawyer in US (including top two lawyers & told that this is not possible because there is no underlying I140. But anyway I have sent some response.
11. Dec 17th Filed another I140/485/EAD/AP with another substitute labor.
12. Dec 28th morning got phone call of approval
13. Dec 29th got emails and online status changed to approved.

I would like to thank all (79,236 memebrs at the time of this posting) each and every person ever viewed my earlier posting and thought of it and tried to help.

Also, I would like to thank especially "UnitedNations" without which this could not have been possible.

Couple of suggestions to all users: Please post any question and follow this forum as closely as possible, you will get your gc's faster if you believe in this forum, rather than a single money minded lawyer. I'm not saying that all are them are like that, but atleast all of whom I ever come across are liket that except for one, atleast that one has a an attachment with the case.

Finally HAPPY NEW YEAR to all
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Just curious to know, your 485 was approved based on the new 140/485 filing rt? If so, your 140 and 485 got approved at the same time? Did you use the previous medical reports etc.. could you be more clear.

Even though my case is approved and stamped, it would be useful to share this with others. hence asking.


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I do not know about that, I have mailed my new I140/485 only on Dec 17th, I have not gotten my receipt #'s. Also, I did not mention about the new 140/485 in the Response to NOID, so how do they know.

This raises another question, if it is approved based on new 140/485 then, company who filed my new 140/485 with substitute labor is planning to withdraw the application, if so my approval will still be valid or what happens to the approval.


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I will check the status once I had my new I140/485 receipt numbers.

But, what about my other question regarding the withdrawal of my new I140/485 application by the new company. There are planning to file the withdrawal as early as next week. Will this impact my approval ?


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this is fantastic- congratulations and hopefully there will be no further issues. What a complicated thing they make us all go through- but finally you are done !!!