Filing waiver's application


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Hello folks,
A friend of mine was deported 9 years ago because he showed off the driver's license belonging to another person when he was driving under alcohol influence while his B1 visa was expired at the time. When he was deported, he was told that he can not enter in the US next 10 years. Now, he wants to apply for B1 visa again in order to participate in business summit in earlier 2020. We found out that in order to get B1 visa and enter in the US, he has to file a waiver's application (i312) and get approved. My question is have you ever had the same situation and filed waiver's application? If yes, how do we file the application? Should we file it by ourselves or hire an attorney? Thanks


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No. If the ban is over, then he does not need to file anything special. The I-212 is only for people who are currently under 9A or 9C bans, which he is not.


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What are his grounds of inadmissibility?

As mentioned, I-212 waiver is only for 212(a)(9)(A) or 212(a)(9)(C), but it looks to me that he has some sort of a criminal record as well, in which case he would probably need to file another waiver (look up 212(d)(3) waiver).

I have applied for I-212 myself last year, but I'm Canadian so I applied directly at the border.

The process for non-Canadians is a bit different, which I'm not familiar with.