Filing my first tax return


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Hi all,

I immigrated to the US in August of last year, although I only stayed in the country for a week, before going back to Australia for a month. I then have been in the US since the beginning of October.

I've never filed a tax return before, but I understand as a green card holder I have an obligation to do so. I'm just unsure what to do.

I was previously working in I count that? Or does my tax year as far as the IRS is concerned only start from when I immigrated?

My parents gave me a little bit of money, like $200, and a friend loaned me money to pay I count that as income?

Since October, I've earned maybe only $2200, as I just have a temporary promotions job. Does that make a difference?

If I have a bank account in another country, but have not used it for many years, do I still have to disclose it?

Thank you for any tips and assistance