Filing for mother GC when she overstayed 10 yrs ago


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Hello just wanted to confirm if my mother overstayed vacation 11 yrs ago will affect her GC interview overseas , overstayed time was 2 yrs due to medical issues, she returned back several times with the same visa and had no problems entering no questions asked etc.
Her visa expired in 2008 which I applied for a renewal and all went well she got her renewal for another 10 yrs I mentioned to the officer she had medical issues which there was a Dr letter to support this and he said that's fine these things happen so no problem and he issued the visa.
Next week I will be submitting her 1-130 just want to make sure during her interview she don't run into any problem with the overstay back in 2000, pls confirm if anyone has answers for the above questions.
Thanks Ash