Filing a new LCA for my E3


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Hi everyone,

really hoping someone can help me out. I am filing a new LCA (for my employer) for my E3 (expires June 2021), i94 expires Jan 2022. LCA needs to therefore be re applied in order to take me to the i94 date so I can continue working until I renew my E3 after i94 expires.

So, in filling out the LCA I have noticed that when I get to the part about the prevailing wage and it calculates it, it seems to be giving me a higher wage than the one given when my first LCA was filled out (by my immi lawyer). Which means I have to make the general wage in that category for non immigrants higher too.

1) Does this mean they have raised it ?
2) Do I need to make the general wage a certain percentage higher than the prevailing wage in order for the application to be accepted? Or is it good to go as is?

Hope this all makes sense.