Fiance visa with domestic violence record

I filed for divorce from my wife, whom I married through a fiance visa 10 years ago and have a child with.
A year later I was accused of domestic violence by her (simple assault) and have a trial pending. My lawyer said that even though I'm not guilty, my chances are about 50-50, and the best thing to do is to plead guilty to lesser offences (2 harassment and 2 disorderly conduct) to avoid a misdemeanor record and potential jail time.
After I filed for divorce I met someone in another country and want to file a fiance visa for her once my divorce is finalized. I want to know if having harassment and disorderly conduct convictions will prevent me from getting the fiance visa approved.
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Yeah, this may affect! What your lawyer said about this? The same situation happened with my brother and he hired a lawyer by researching some useful sites to hire a successful one. He also said that his chances of getting a finance visa is 50-50 but at last he got it!
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