Family and sponsorship related questions in DS 160


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I had B1 visa which is expired in 2017. I visited US several times for business purpose and every time never stayed beyond 2 weeks. My employer company had applied for my L1B in 2014 but the petition was rejected. My age is 41.

Now I am applying for B2 (Family visit to elder brother who is US citizen and elder sister who has GC). I just want to travel to the US taking my kids for summer vacation in May.

In DS160 form
1. Should I show both my siblings under US contact and/or Family OR should I avoid just to show I am not potential immigrant?
2. Six months ago I started my own company in India but my product is under development and there is no monthly income to show. Still, I can self-finance my trip. I have last 3 years IT returns. In this case, should I ask my brother to sponsor my trip (He is ready to send sponsorship documents)?
3. If I show both my siblings under US Contact and/or Family and self-financing my trip, should still I ask for invitation letter from them? There is no family event as such at their side.



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You should always be honest on visa applications. So yes show both siblings, and if you are self funding then say so. If you lie about having family and they find out they will almost certainly refuse you as your motives will be seen as suspicious. This would also make future visa applications difficult. Invitation letters are useless. Your application will be judged on your merits,not on who’s inviting you- the most important thing is to show the interviewing officer that you have strong ties to return home. You don’t mention what your other family or ties in India might be but just going by what you’ve said above, with a previous L application and an own business that’s not making money yet,you might be judged to be an overstay risk. If you have your own property, proof that the kids are still enrolled in school etc that will help,as will your previous travel history to the US.

These are noted in the official guidelines:
Note: Visa applicants must qualify on the basis of the applicant's residence and ties abroad, rather than assurances from U.S. family and friends. A letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support is not needed to apply for a nonimmigrant tourist visa. If you do choose to bring a letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support to your interview, please remember that it is not one of the factors that we use in determining whether to issue or deny a nonimmigrant tourist visa.


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There is no 'sponsorship' of a tourist visa. Every B applicant needs to cease using that term. Anyone may fund the anticipated trip, but that's not sponsorship.

As stated above, best to be honest about purpose of visit and any close family in the US on the ds160. Doesn't pay to hide anything, nor are invitations worth much. If the USC brother filed an immigration petition on the applicant's behalf, that has to be mentioned, alongwith any past visa attempts.
Thanks SusieQQQ and 1AurCitizen.

One more question: When I am self-financing my tour and own a business in India but currently not earning much, what documents should I carry (Self declared or from my Chartered Accountant) showing my financial capacity?