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    It was only minutes ago when we said goodbye to our foreign students. At least, it feels that way. Waiting for the final announcements of the school day, foreign students lined the doors of classrooms with their backpacks and untied tennis shoe laces. With heavy hearts, ESL teachers finally watched them walk into the summer day.

    Ancient Egyptians attached great value to the heart. It was the center of emotions. Weighing the heart was done on a scale. Being heavy of heart signified grief. Joy was on the other side of the scale and was as light as a feather.

    These are the days that we have waited patiently for to finally arrive. They are the final few days of summer vacation. Both returning and new foreign students will enter the halls of wisdom within days making the hearts of ESL teachers as light as a feather. This is a feeling which will hopefully last for many months.

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    How many students do you have from Egypt in your ESL class this fall season?

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