Failed to satisfy the 2/3 completion of the Program (Philippines)

Is there anyone here who can testify that he/she was approved for NOS waiver without the 2/3 completion of the program but was married to a US CITIZEN (we're gay couple) and no US CITIZEN kids?

I was in J-1 visa last year, HS teacher, but wasn't able to finish my job because of tough adjustments with my students and assistant principal. I resigned properly last year with them (school principal and assistant principal) and program sponsor but still stayed in US to find a better life despite my failure to continue with the program.

Technically, I am now overstaying my visa because I am not working with my program sponsor anymore or employer. I married a US CITIZEN this year and we hired a lawyer to help me with my NOS waiver. But still worried because I do not know about the outcome of this waiver.

Please help me share your experience. Waiting for your positive response!

Thank you so much!