F2B to F1 to F3 conversion


My dad was permanent resident when he filed f2b unmarried son or daughter of Permanent resident and got approval notice from USCIS with priority date as August 2010
Dec 2010 - dad becomes US citizen. He informs NVC by calling them about status change to F1
June 2012 - I (daughter) get married
Dad sends all documents - citizen proof, my marriage certificate to NVC. NVC sends a letter confirming F3 category with same priority date as Aug 2010.

My question is I just have approval notice from USCIS for F2B category and NVC letter with NVC case number confirming F3 category with Aug 2010 priority date. I live in United States on H1B visa status. What should be my next step to get green card? Should I file adjustment of status when my priority date becomes current under chart B. DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS OR need to wait until date becomes current under Chart A ?


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You need to check each month to see whether to use table A or table B. You will see just above the actual table in chart B it says “Visit www.uscis.gov/visabulletininfo for information on whether USCIS has determined that this chart can be used (in lieu of the chart in paragraph 4.A.) this month for filing applications for adjustment of status with USCIS. “