F1 - H1 visa conversion issue - out of status - plz do rply

Hi All,

I just came to know that I am out of status. I was preparing documents for my stamping and my friend looked at H1-B visa and said that you have got the visa but you haven't got the work authorization.

I checked with my employer. He was also not sure until I told him that I am out of status. He looked at my documents and he found that the attorney checked in the wrong box in I-129 form part 2 of the petition. It had three options

a. Notify the office in Indian consulate
b. Change the person status and extend the stay as he is in US.
c. Extend the status as they hold the status now.

He opted option 'A' in the above three, instead of option 'B'

So, till now I was thinking that my status was changed from F1 to H1 but it is not. I know that if i step out of US, I won't have an entry into US for future.

This is wasn't my mistake. I am consulting different attorny on how to approach this problem before i step out of the US.

One more thing I was getting my pay checks, I filed my tax returns for the last year 2005. Moreover, when I went to change my driver license from TX to FL, they asked me to get my H1 document. Next day I took this document, they approved my Driver license transfer and they issued me new license till the date H1-B is valid.

I haven't got my I-94 on my H1-B document. What are my options? I will really appreciate your help, suggestions and solutions...

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i have little bit different situation, my OPT will expire next may and unfortunately i forgot to file my H1 this year, now my company will file my H1 next april 06. but from may to oct wht should i do? can i go back to india and join company's branch as a transfer basis? Is it possible to come back from india ? or can i go for school here in US ? Please reply me, i really appreciate if you will advise me for this situation.

thanks and best luck to you,