F1 and H4 query...IMP


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hi, i am naiya patel...i recently got my f1 visa to study my masters in US and was going to go to US in feb...my bf is alreayd in US and will b applying for his H1 soon...however, now my family wants me to go to US only on a dependent visa (H4) and not on F1...however i have heard that not using my F1 visa and applying for another type of visa after a few years may cause a problem and a rejection...for the sole purpose that i already had a chance of going to US on f1 and i didnt use it...i have been meeting a few consultants and everyone has been telling me different things...however, it would be great if anyone who has faced or who knows of somone who has faced a remotely relative situation can help me clear my mind...if i choose not to use my F1 right now and apply for a H4, say after 2 years, will that increase my chances of being rejected?...hoping tht smone will reply soon...thanks!