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Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by Jonh Wick, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Jonh Wick

    Jonh Wick New Member

    Three questions regarding the F-1 Student Visa.

    First: I'm Canadian and my brother and sister are U.S. citizens. Can my brother or sister sponsor me to get a green card while I'm on an F-1 visa? Can I keep going to school in the States for 15 years on an F-1 and wait for my green card in the States?

    Second: Can I have an F-1 and an EB-5 at the same time, or would there have to be an adjustment of status?

    Third: If I am sponsoring and paying my own way through college in the states on an F-1, does it matter if my money is in a Canadian or American bank? I have a Canadian debit card that works in the States.

    Thank you.
  2. George67

    George67 Member

    Your siblings can file a petition for you but you will have to wait for your priority date after the filing. You can't be on both F-1 and EB-5 at the same time. Eb-5 will give you a green card, though.
  3. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    What, exactly, do you plan to study for 15 years?

    Sibling visas are on the chopping block and there’s no guarantee at all that existing petitions will be grandfathered, so you will want a plan B. Quite honestly, if you can fund 15 years of college study on an F1 you may as well just go the EB5 route. You’ll get your green card a lot faster (and be a lot more sure of getting it at all), and probably get a better ROI than on 15 years of school.

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