Extension of stay after staying 6 months on B visa

In Oct I was diagnosed with cancer and my mother came to US on B visa in Nov to provide care for me. During this time I have underwent 2 surgeries and require further care for a couple of months. My mother will complete her 6 months in the country at the end of April and that is when her I 94 runs out as well. I have filled for her I539 2 months ago but have not received any decision. Can she continue to stay lawfully in the country even though she has stayed 6 months continuously?
Is there any way to expedite the decision?
your help will be greatly appreciated.

thank you


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just like newacct said, your mother can stay as long as I-539 is pending. i do hope that her explanation letter for her extension is not to take care of you because that would not be the intended purpose of B2 visa.

i submitted my dad's extension of stay on 02/28/18, and his got approved on 03/30/18.