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Discussion in 'Business in Canadian Provinces' started by rounaklanghe, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. rounaklanghe

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    Dear Members:

    After 5 months of job hunting (MBA - Finance - US degree) which seemed more like a witch-hunt (..... do you have "Canadian Experience"....!!!!!! :mad: ), I am finally starting an export / import partnership firm with focus on light industrial goods. It is going to based out of Toronto in Ontario.

    If any of your gurus / sympathizers have any leads or suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it. Please feel free to email me at MapleExims@rogers.com
    (at least the company name has a "Canadian" flavor even though it is a cliche! :rolleyes: )

    frustrated but refusing to give up to the gas pump jobs!!

  2. mercury6

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    Thats good, wish you good luck.

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