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hello, i'm a student from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I'm from Colombia. I have a F1 student visa that expired on June 12/ 2003. I'm planning to travel to Colombia this December. My question is if it is possible to renew the visa being in the United States?? the only way to renew is going to the usembassy in Bogota, Colombia? Is there some phone number that i can call to ask about it????
it is really possible that if i go to the usembassy in Colombia my visa can be denied. I dont wanna take that risk, if you know other solution, please contact me.

my email adress is morasurco@hotmail.com.
Depends on the country! Often if you make it to the airport you will only be fined, but if you are caught along the way, by police or immigration you could get thrown in jail. Also if you have an overstay on your record you may find it hard to enter that country again.
Contrary to press reports, visas aren't really the issue here. A visa, which is issued by the State Department, merely entitles a person to apply for entry at the border; immigration lawyers often compare visas to the "Now Serving" tickets issued to bakery customers that determine their spots in the queue. It is the INS that decides a visitor's "status," or how long they'll be permitted to stay in the United States, a figure usually noted in a form called an I-94. Not all visitors are given fixed times; many foreign students, for example, are allowed to stay as long as they're taking a full course load at an accredited college or university.
I've seen lots of people in here under the situation of being married to an american after their Visa has expired. I have a somewhat unique situation, and was wondering if anyone had any advice?

Stanley Hermosillo

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It may be possible to either get the student visa extended, or to transfer to a different class of visa. Thankfully obama will not be cracking down on cases like this, so the administration's policy works in your favor.