Expired US minor passport and OCI

Kedar K

New Member

My minor son's (10yrs) US passport will expire in a few days time (I was waiting for the Bangalore outreach program - but they have not been active since Nov 2017).
My son has a valid OCI card, issued in 2017. Me and my wife are both based in India (Bangalore)
My son's US passport at the age of 5, was renewed at the Bangalore outreach program itself.

I have the following questions
1. Can I apply for the minor US passport, post expiry, at US consulate, Chennai? (Is there any time limit for application)
2. What happens to his status in India? (He will have an OCI and expired US passport)
3. If I can re-new the US passport, do I need to re-apply for the OCI? (as the US passport number is endorsed in the OCI booklet)

Thanks in advance!