Expired GC, attempting to collect unemployment


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Apologies for the long post.
Green card expired Feb 2019, I was ill in and out of hospital all year. Went to check my green card earlier this year to attempt new additional employment, and was hit with reality. Applied for citizenship March 6th, 2020. Got laid off March 13th. Applied for unemployment right away without thinking anything since it's not a new employer and now they are requesting proof of authorization to work. Applied for green card renewal this morning, because usci told me this morning that I should have done that first and I need it submitted right away. Dues paid. Denied for unemployment in the meantime. I'm a permanent resident since 1995. Have paid my taxes every year. No criminal history, and now feel like I got kicked in the groin. Yes, my fault for not keeping up with my status and keeping current, but man, life has not been kind to me. What are my chances of collecting unemployment while both my applications are processing? My whole industry is shut down, where do I go from here?


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Your permanent resident status does not expire with the green card. You are still a PR. It’s just like a passport...the passport expires in 10 years. It doesn’t mean that the citizenship expired. Unemployment is an insurance and has nothing to do with your GC/citizenship. It’s approval depends on if you qualify in your state. In any case, you should have just applied for citizenship. There was no need to pay for the renewal of green card. You can apply for citizenship with an expired GC